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MasterPass Wallet

Bank of Luxemburg MasterPass Wallet®

A digital wallet makes online shopping safe and easy by storing your payment and shipping information in one secure place. With Bank of Luxemburg MasterPass Wallet, it's free, easy to set up and trusted way to make your online shopping safer anywhere you see the MasterPass button at your online retailer checkout.

MasterPass Wallet provides a secure area online to store and safeguard your card information. With MasterPass Wallet, you know your billing and shipping address along with your debit card information can securely be used to complete your online purchase with thousands of online merchants. MasterPass sends your data to the merchant over a highly secure, multi-layer channel making online shopping much more worry-free.

Signing up is simple. 
  1. Go to Bank of Luxemburg MasterPass Wallet website to sign up.
  2. Choose your username and password.
  3. Select your security questions.
  4. Confirm your identity.
  5. Enter your billing information and shipping addresses.
  6. Enter your Bank of Luxemburg Debit MasterCard account information.
  7. Begin shopping securely where MasterPass is displayed!

When you shop online and see MasterPass at checkout, be sure to sign in to your digital wallet using your credentials. Your billing, shipping and payment information is already securely stored for you and waiting to help you complete your checkout quickly, securely and easily using your Bank of Luxemburg debit card.

Now shopping will be a breeze with Bank of Luxemburg MasterPass Wallet. Have more questions, read our FAQ's.