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Debit Card Safeguards

If your Debit/ATM Card is lost/stolen or has fraudulent activity, please call and follow the steps below.

During normal business hours call:
Outside normal business hours call:
  1. Report the lost/stolen or fraudulent card as soon as possible.
  2. Check your recent account history for any unauthorized transactions and inform the bank.
  3. Contact the bank to re-order a new Debit/ATM card.
  4. Inform payees of your new Debit/ATM card number and expiration date if you have established recurring payments.

What is SecureLOCK™?
Effective and elegant fraud engagement when and how your consumers desire it! Communicate uses SMS/Voice/Email fraud alert functions to stop fraud through real-time consumer engagement.
What does it do?
Real-time interactive SMS text. Our service absorbs the cost of data and message rates for most domestic cellular service customers to make texts free to the end user.
  • Two way voice calls
  • Enhanced phone number authentication to prevent call spoofing for inbound calls
  • Interactive email notifications
Why does SecureLOCK™matter?
88% of fraud victims across the market do not receive real-time fraud alerts which would assist with early fraud identification and prevention.
  • SecurLOCK Communicate addresses this urgent market need by alerting cardholders quickly and in the manner they prefer to be contacted. Typical time of engagement after trigger transaction is less than 30 seconds.
For additional information, read about cardholder frequently asked questions.

Mastercard Identity Check
Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Mastercard Identity Check helps verify that your purchases are truly yours. In the event of uncertainty, you may be asked to further authenticate your identity via one-time passcode or biometrics*. It's sophisticated, yet simple, for greater peace of mind. For additional information on Mastercard Identity Check, click here.