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Fraud Monitoring

Our fraud monitoring system keeps an eye on your debit card account activity to monitor your normal debit card habits 24/7. If the fraud monitoring system spots something suspicious, they will contact you via email or text that you have on record with us. The contact information will forewarn you of the suspicious activity and ask you to approve or decline the transactions in question. 

Ways to protect your debit card information:

  • Shop at accredited online retailers
  • Never give your card number information over the phone to an unknown caller
  • Monitor your account transactions frequently online banking or via 24 hour telephone banking
  • Establish online banking alerts that notifying you of a low balance amount
  • Create a personal identification number (PIN) that is not obvious to others
  • Memorize your personal identification number (PIN) so it is along with your debit card
  • Opt to use bank location ATMs rather than public ATMs that might contain skimming devices
  • Keep your contact information up to date with the bank so we can contacting you immediately
  • Notify the bank when you are traveling
Although our fraud monitoring system is monitoring your transactions, you are the best defense against unwanted and suspicious transactions. Contact the bank immediately when you notice this type of activity on your account.

If your Debit/ATM Card is lost/stolen or has fraudulent activity, please call and follow the steps below.

During normal business hours call:
Outside normal business hours call:
  1. Report the lost/stolen or fraudulent card as soon as possible.
  2. Check your recent account history for any unauthorized transactions and inform the bank.
  3. Contact the bank to re-order a new Debit/ATM card.
  4. Inform payees of your new Debit/ATM card number and expiration date if you have established recurring payments.