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Employee Spotlight


Jordan Demeny |May - June 2024

In his role as a relationship banker, Jordan enjoys helping customers open new accounts, whether that means checking, savings or business accounts. He also assists with personal lending, including vehicle loans, signature loans and line-of-credit loans.
“We also look at budgets and financial statements to ensure we have our customers open the right account, and that also gives them a good idea of how we can help ensure their success in the future,” Jordan says.
Jordan, a Green Bay native who graduated from Ashwaubenon High School, earned a degree in journalism with an emphasis in advertising from UW-Oshkosh. That education complements his work at the bank, as so much of it involves communicating with his customers. He’s new to Bank of Luxemburg as of 2023, having previously worked with a credit union, drawn to the banking industry for its ability to connect with the community.
“I always enjoy working with residents in the Green Bay and Howard communities, and I’m happy to be able to set them up for financial success,” Jordan says. “At the end of the day, it’s really rewarding to guide our customers on their financial journey.
Outside of work, Jordan and his wife, Kalee, are busy with their young daughter, who was born at the end of 2022. He also enjoys watching sports — preferably, the Atlanta Falcons — but Jordan is quick to add he’s also a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks and Milwaukee Brewers.
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Work with Jordan

Jill B

Jill Bernhardt |March - April 2024

As a valued member of the Bank of Luxemburg team for 16 years, Jill Bernhardt helps Bring the Orange to customers with her Fresh Approach to mortgage loans.

“I love meeting people and finding solutions to their problems,” Jill shared. One example was a debt consolidation home loan that paved the way for her clients’ fresh financial start. She also enjoys consulting with new homebuyers and goes the extra mile by recommending realtors she trusts to help people on their journey toward homeownership.

Her experience includes a Bachelors degree from UW-Green Bay for business administration with an emphasis in finance. Prior to joining Bank of Luxemburg, she worked at another finance company for five years doing consumer, real estate loans. She started her career with Bank of Luxemburg in Casco and is now based in Luxemburg, willing to travel as needed.

Describing the workplace culture, Jill chuckled, “The only way I can think to describe employment at Bank of Luxemburg is that it’s like you’re not walking into work. We have camaraderie with each other. It’s like a big family. We’re respectful of each other, we care about each other and we work together to help customers succeed.”

In her spare time, Jill loves to stay busy and help others, especially her husband, son, daughter and the family labradoodle. She’s involved in her kids’ sports, 4-H, Scouts, the Dyckesville Lions Club and gardening.

Work with Jill

Jeremy J

Jeremy Johnson | January - February 2024

Jeremy Johnson draws upon his extensive experience in other industries—including retail, transportation and securities—to Bring the Orange to his business clients each day. Through his work, Jeremy brings multiple “Orange” qualities to his work, including Vibrant Leadership, Friendly Support and Unwavering Integrity.

“From a professional perspective, working retail gave me an opportunity to lead people coming right out of college,” said Jeremy, who joined Bank of Luxemburg in Green Bay about a year ago. Later, working both operations and sales roles in the transportation industry gave him the chance to understand the interrelated importance of building relationships and driving results.

He was drawn to securities because of a desire to help people—which eventually led him to the community bank setting at Bank of Luxemburg. Here, he has the ability to help both small and large businesses to reach their goals. “I love solving problems, and I am passionate about helping people by getting creative and thinking outside the box,” Jeremy said. “I always want to figure out a way to get to the 'yes!'

Jeremy said building relationships and “talking less and listening more” approach with with clients helps him to recognize what products or services might meet their needs the best. “I think what I enjoy most is building deep-rooted relationships,” he said. “If you can lead with integrity and honesty and just try to be honest, people remember that.”

In his spare time, Jeremy loves to spend time up north with his family and friends, and he and his wife have two daughters who enjoy playing golf competitively. "I spend as much time as I can watching them compete, and I love golfing with them myself.”

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Work with Jeremy


Ryan Voigt | November - December 2023

As a UW Oshkosh communications major, Ryan began his career with another banking institution, where he worked for five years before coming to Bank of Luxemburg in 2022, helping to open the new Howard branch.

“I really like working with people and building relationships,” Ryan said. “The banking industry was intriguing to me because it gave me the avenue to do that.”

Whether he’s working with individuals or businesses, “I always just try to be present and ensure the customer knows that they’re my number one priority,” he said.

“What I like most is being able to be part of a team of really good, experienced people at the bank, as well as being available to work one-on-one with my customers,” Ryan said. “And it’s been great to be a part of the new Howard branch and see it grow as a community bank.”

Ryan was inspired in his career path in part by his father, Darren Voigt, who is executive vice president/chief lending officer at Bank of Luxemburg.

Outside of work, Ryan is a huge Wisconsin sports fan—you can find him rooting for the Packers, Brewers, Badgers or Bucks—or you might find him on the golf course. He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and the new rescue dog they adopted together, a Border Collie mix who “has been a little bit of a handful.” Ryan was also chosen to be a part of the 2024 class of Leadership Green Bay.

What are your career goals? Are you ready for a new beginning with a community-minded team that creates a positive impact on people’s lives? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring! 

Work with Ryan

Greg Malo
Greg Malingowski | October - November 2023
Greg Malingowski offers his commercial loan customers a well-rounded banking experience as he draws from a versatile career in the industry. Starting as a teller 15 years ago, he eventually managed a branch before joining Bank of Luxemburg as a mortgage lender, recently transitioning to the commercial side.
“With my background, I can really offer my customers a full banking relationship,” Greg said. “Rather than just offering them a loan, I’m working with them as a partner—I want to help them succeed in what they want to do as a career, a job and as a dream. As a commercial lender, you’re their lifeline in facilitating every step of their journey.”
Greg appreciates the ability to develop a personalized approach for his small business customers. “That’s a benefit of being a community bank—we look at people as more than just a number,” he said. “We’re able to look at each individual situation and try and find a pathway to helping people accomplish their goals.”
Originally starting out in nursing school, Greg decided to switch gears and help people in another way. He recognized a role model in his mother, Leah Malingowski, who has spent much of her career at Bank of Luxemburg. “She’s been banking her whole life, and I saw that it was a strong career path where I also could make a difference in people’s lives.”
When Greg isn’t working, he loves to spend time in Wisconsin’s outdoors hunting or fishing or spending time with friends and family. He and his wife recently had a big life change, welcoming a new baby.
What are your career goals? Are you ready for a new beginning with a community-minded team that creates a positive impact on people’s lives? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with Greg

John P header
John Price | August - September 2023

In his 18 years with Bank of Luxemburg, John Price has taken on many roles, from bookkeeper to market manager, that guided his path to becoming a portfolio manager in our Algoma branch today.

“I work with new and existing customers who want to start or grow a business,” John explained. He enjoys meeting customers, especially at their place of business where he can see how their partnership with Bank of Luxemburg has helped them achieve their financial goals. “It’s always rewarding when I can turn the tables and become the customer of my customer.”

He attributes his span of positive work experience to his alignment with Bank of Luxemburg's core values. “Just like the bank, I believe in making a difference in people’s lives by being involved in the community,” John said. “I coach youth sports and am acting treasurer on the Kewaunee County Economic Development Board. It’s important to contribute, supporting the community and helping it grow.”

In his free time, John likes to travel, coach his kids’ baseball teams and spend time with family and friends around the pool or campfire.

What are your career goals? Are you ready for a new beginning with a community-minded team that creates a positive impact on people’s lives? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with John

employee spotlight
Laurie Janowski | July - August 2023

Laurie began her career with Bank of Luxemburg as a teller in our Algoma branch. Nearly 17 years later, she now serves the community from our Kewaunee branch as a customer service supervisor.

Her primary responsibilities include supervising tellers, assisting with consumer loans and focusing on customer service. She loves how living and working in a small town creates a friendly atmosphere. “When people come into the bank, we know their names,” Laurie shared. “We likely know their kids and grandkids, too, and may have even gone to school with them. Helping our customers is more than a transaction—it’s a meaningful connection.

Laurie said those connections happen within the Bank of Luxemburg work culture as well. “Working here is a great experience. We’re very close. We’re not afraid to reach out to anyone with any question, no matter their title. I’ve been here 17 years and still feel welcomed and valued. Our mission to make a positive impact encompasses both the community and us as employees.”

In her free time, Laurie likes to garden, especially flowers, and loves spending time with family at their cabin and on their boat.

What are your career goals? Are you ready for a new beginning with a team that creates a positive impact on people’s lives? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring! 

Work with Laurie

employee spotlight
John Jorns | June - July 2023

With 30 years of experience in customer service and finance in the auto industry, John joined our Sturgeon Bay branch at Bank of Luxemburg in October 2021.

John’s primary responsibilities include creating and maintaining strong relationships in the community for loans and finance, adding that the most rewarding part of his job is seeing customers succeed. “It’s great to see a new business take off and realize we were a part of that success,” John shared.

John appreciates that Bank of Luxemburg is a community bank, allowing him to easily communicate with his team and decision-makers. “I wish I would have worked here a long time ago,” he said. “It’s refreshing to join a workplace that feels like family. Plus, everyone at Bank of Luxemburg seems to truly enjoy their job.”

In his free time, John likes spending time with his family and friends, especially in the outdoors.

What are your employment goals? Are you ready for a new beginning with a team that feels like family and values its community approach? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with John

Tamy Dreier | May - June 2023

With 13 years of banking experience, Tamy joined our Dyckesville branch at Bank of Luxemburg in June 2016. Tamy’s primary responsibilities in her team leader role include managing three employees, handling new account openings and building strong relationships within the community. She’s also a critical component in training retail staff across all locations.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing customers leave happy,” Tamy shared. “I enjoy knowing they received the best possible service.” In addition, she takes pride in ensuring her team is informed and growing, which ultimately benefits the customers they serve.

Tamy appreciates Bank of Luxemburg’s work culture of fostering relationships with customers, coworkers and the community. “I always feel happy coming into work,” she said. “Everyone truly believes in making a positive impact on people’s lives. I love working here and don’t see myself going anywhere else!”

In her free time, Tamy enjoys volunteering—particularly at the Ronald McDonald House—camping and knitting scarves and hats.

What are your employment goals? Are you ready for a new beginning with a team that values work-life balance and making a positive impact? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring! 

Work with Tamy

Debra Merkle-Schubert | March - April 2023

Though Deb has been with Bank of Luxemburg for two years, she has over 35 years of experience helping customers fund their home purchases as a mortgage lender. As a mortgage consultant at our Fish Creek branch, Deb helps customers understand the lending process and apply for mortgages that suit their circumstances. 

“I love building relationships with borrowers,” Deb said about her role. “It’s always rewarding to gain a client for life,” she added. She went on to say one of her most memorable experiences here at Bank of Luxemburg was when she got to work with clients she had known since childhood.

“I saw them both grow up, graduate high school, fall in love and marry, and it was a joy to be a part of their first home purchase,” Deb explained.

In addition to the relationships she’s able to build with her clients, Deb also enjoys the community culture here at Bank of Luxemburg. “We are all passionate about our jobs and helping our clients achieve their dreams of home ownership in Door County,” Deb stated. 

When she’s not helping clients fund their new beginnings, Deb enjoys officiating local sports events with her husband and spending time with her family and friends. 

Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Deb's career growth. What are your employment goals? Do you want to be a part of a family-friendly team culture? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with Deb

Tracy Everard | February - March 2023
Tracy has been with Bank of Luxemburg for five years, starting out as a Relationship Banker. She then worked her way up to a mortgage consultant role before being promoted to her current position.
As a mortgage underwriter, Tracy analyzes loan applications that come through Bank of Luxemburg. To Tracy, the best part of her role is the variety. “Every file has its own story,” she explained, “and there are never two days that are the same.” 
In addition to unique work experiences each day, Tracy also loves the team atmosphere at Bank of Luxemburg. “We are continuously encouraged to work as a team, support each other's ideas and bring the best outcomes in every situation to benefit our customers, the bank and our shareholders,” Tracy stated.
She went on to add that it’s wonderful to be a part of a team where everyone shares the same purpose—to have a positive impact on people’s lives. As Tracy explains, the Bank of Luxemburg team works hard to make that positive impact on their customers, as well as their fellow team members’ lives. 
“Everyone at Bank of Luxemburg shows each other the same respect and integrity they would their own families,” Tracy stated, adding that it makes her very fulfilled to maintain her work-life balance while making a splash in the community. 
Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Tracy’s career growth. What are your career goals? Do you want to be a part of a family-friendly team culture? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring! 

Work with Tracy

Sara Gonzalez-Fameree | January - February 2023

Though Sara celebrates her one-year anniversary at Bank of Luxemburg this month, she actually got her start at the bank 13 years ago, working for two years as a Customer Service Representative as well as a Retail Sales Representative. We’re thrilled to have her can-do attitude and banking expertise back on our team in her current role as a Relationship Banker, where her main responsibilities include developing and maintaining customer relationships. 

Sara is the perfect fit for the role because building customer relationships is her favorite part of her job. As we celebrate 120 years of new beginnings at Bank of Luxemburg, Sara embraces her role in helping customers along their financial journey—whether she’s helping a newly married couple set up a joint account or providing guidance for someone opening a new Bellevue-based business. “Every customer has a different story and need, and I enjoy being able to support and help them on their journey,” she said.

In addition to helping customers, Sara noted that one of the best parts of working at Bank of Luxemburg is the team atmosphere and camaraderie between co-workers. “My team has worked so hard to get to where we are, both for our customers and communities,” Sara explained. “We really have a family feel here, and we are all dedicated to building each other up and caring for each other. It makes it easy to come to work knowing I’m a valued part of our team.” 

In terms of professional development and career growth, Sara noted how much she has benefited from Bank of Luxemburg’s ongoing support to propel her career. “I’ve always been guided and supported to move forward in my roles,” she said. “I’ve had wonderful mentors who believe in me, have helped me reach my goals and continue to prepare me every day for the next opportunity.” 

Sara also shared how Bank of Luxemburg’s mission of positively impacting people’s lives has made her role a more positive experience. “Every staff member not only knows our mission but believes in it,” Sara said. “With our focus on giving back to the community, I feel a part of something bigger, along with a sense of pride and purpose for myself and the Bellevue community as a whole.” 

Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Sara’s career growth. Ready to start your new career with a supportive, family-friendly team? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with Sara

Chad Stuiber | November 2022

Chad joined the Bank of Luxemburg team just seven months ago but already feels like part of the family. “Working for Bank of Luxemburg is amazing,” he exclaimed. “Everyone is like an extension of your family.” Because building rapport with co-workers and customers is always the best part of each day, Chad enjoys that “everyone is really easy to get along with and there is never a dull moment.”

As a retail sales representative, Chad runs transactions, opens and closes accounts and prides himself on giving customers the best possible experience. Though he enjoys his current role, Chad readily admits he came to Bank of Luxemburg looking to grow. “I’m still fairly new,” he acknowledges, “but I have seen opportunities arise. I know when there is an opportunity, they will give you the right tools to apply and succeed.”

While Chad waits for the next great opportunity, he is grateful for countless positive interactions with customers in his current role. “The most memorable experiences are the moments I’m able to really connect with customers,” he shared. “It’s always a great feeling when they leave and say, ‘this is the reason I bank here.’”

For Chad, the great feelings that result from helping others extend beyond the bank and into the community. “Bank of Luxemburg is constantly trying to give back to the community any way they can,” he noted. “Since I’ve been here, we’ve done many drives and events to give back to the community.” Chad recalls the bank’s most recent cookout benefitting disabled veterans as a memorable favorite, noting, “I thought it was really cool.”

And because Chad’s favorite way to spend free time is with family and friends, work doesn’t always feel like work at Bank of Luxemburg. “We try to create an environment that allows you to be yourself and bring out your unique personality,” he shared. "Everyone has a voice here because we are constantly looking for ways to make this great experience even better.”

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Work with Chad

Chasity Gamboa | September 2022

Chasity has held various roles at Bank of Luxemburg since she started as a bookkeeper back in 2003. In her current position as an internal auditor, Chasity applies many years of banking expertise to perform internal audits for various departments, including accounting, loans and retail operations. “You can think of me as quality control for the bank,” Chasity said. 

Chasity’s a perfect fit for her role not only because of her expertise but because she simply loves being an auditor! “My favorite part about my job is actually performing the audits,” Chastity said. “During this time, I get to visit the department staff and conduct interviews. It gets me out of my office and into the heart of my work.” 

Bank of Luxemburg is proud to encourage and propel Chasity’s auditing passion and skills and is currently paying for her to complete the Certified Internal Auditor exam. “Having the CIA certification validates my professionalism and commitment to the work of internal audit,” she explained about the opportunity. 

Of course, the people and culture at the bank play a role in Chasity’s work-life satisfaction, too. “When we are all working towards the same goal, it creates unique bonds as co-workers. I enjoy building upon that bond with the goal of creating more positive experiences,” she said. 

At the end of the day, Chasity explains that the culture at Bank of Luxemburg all comes down to what’s best for the customer. “We’re very customer-focused,” Chasity said, explaining that employees are encouraged to “think from the customer’s point of view and make every effort to ensure their needs are met.” 

In addition to her main auditing role, Chasity goes above and beyond for her community by leading the BOL Cares committee. “Our main goal is to connect employees who are looking to serve with local organizations that have a current need,” Chasity said. She is “very thankful” that Bank of Luxemburg’s community focus aligns with her own desire to help the communities where she lives and works. 

Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Chasity's career growth. What are your career goals? Do you want to be a part of a family-friendly team culture? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring! 

Work with Chasity

Sarah Opsahl | July 2022

Sarah has been a part of the Bank of Luxemburg team for six years. As a former bank teller, she knows the ins and outs of our technology and services and is specially equipped to assist and educate customers in her role as a customer care representative.

According to Sarah, the “team atmosphere” is without a doubt one of the best aspects of working for Bank of Luxemburg. “We are all encouraged to work together as part of the team,” Sarah stated, adding that “it’s a work environment that makes me feel like I am truly contributing and making a difference here.”

Along with being an integral member of her team, Sarah greatly enjoys the work she does within her role. Her favorite aspect of the job? Finding innovative solutions to new challenges. “Banking technology is always changing,” Sarah noted, adding that she loves “the challenge of finding solutions to new issues that arise.” She went on to explain that she gets a great deal of satisfaction using her problem-solving skills to assist customers and educate them on how to avoid banking issues in the future. “It’s a very rewarding process,” Sarah explained.

In addition to the collaborative work environment where Sarah can make a positive impact on customers, Sarah also appreciates the many growth opportunities she has been able to access through Bank of Luxemburg. “The bank has provided many opportunities to help us advance our careers,” Sarah stated, “like job shadowing and education reimbursement.” In fact, it was through job shadowing that Sarah found her passion for educating customers, allowing her to focus on stepping into her customer care role.

Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Sarah’s career growth. What are your goals? Do you want to be part of a family-friendly, team culture? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with Sarah

Ashley Bley | May 2022

Ashley is a relationship banker at our Sturgeon Bay branch and has been with the bank for four years. She helps open accounts, process loan applications, answer questions about cash management services and serves as the bank credit card manager. Occasionally, she can even be found assisting behind the teller line to process deposits.

“I started as a retail sales representative, then transitioned to my current role in 2019,” she shared about her career path at Bank of Luxemburg. “The bank is invested in growing their employees’ careers and has resources available that lay out stepping stones to advance,” she explained. “I came to the bank with no prior experience, and they took the time to enroll me in Principles of Banking to help me understand how banks work as a whole,” Ashley explained.

Ashley also appreciates the bank’s Education Reimbursement Program that assists employees with tuition. “I have taken advantage of this program and am currently going back to school through NWTC to pursue a degree in business management,” she shared. Ashley also serves on the Career Development Committee to promote more learning opportunities such as job shadowing and a new mentorship program.

While Ashley enjoys the perks, it’s ultimately the people who make Bank of Luxemburg a great place to work. “We all are team players who work well together and have fun. My favorite part about my job is that no two days are the same and there is always more to learn,” she exclaimed.

She shares that personal approach with customers too. “I enjoy getting to know my customers personally which helps me better serve their banking needs. The small bank atmosphere allows us to be flexible and creative with our customers which you can’t find at the big banks. The community focus makes it feel like you are coming to work to help your friends and neighbors. We know you by name and we truly have your best interests in mind.”

That community focus brings a feeling of fulfillment to Ashley’s career. “My most memorable experience was talking to students at the local schools about finances and credit. Many of them were getting ready to go to college or enter the workforce and had questions about checking accounts and credit cards. One of the best compliments I received was when a teacher stopped us to say that the students said they learned so much in our presentation,” Ashley beamed. “To hear the students were engaged and learned something made me feel incredible.”

Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Ashley's career growth. What are your career goals? Do you want to be a part of a family-friendly, team culture? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with Ashley

Zach Horn | March 2022

Zach has been with Bank of Luxemburg for only a year and already finds it to be the best place he’s worked. “This is the third bank I’ve worked for, and Bank of Luxemburg treats their employees better than the other places,” he shared.

As a credit analyst, Zach is responsible for preparing loan presentations, analyzing business financials and reviewing the appraisals and evaluations for accuracy. “The work culture at Bank of Luxemburg allows the freedom to get my responsibilities done but also the flexibility to be creative within my job description,” he stated. Zach’s career at the bank has grown with the comfort of knowing he can help where it’s needed and bring new ideas to the table. “Being at a community bank has allowed me to impact many areas and not be pigeonholed in the same few job activities,” he explained. “This has allowed me to continue learning more about banking in general!”

Zach also credits Bank of Luxemburg’s incredible team atmosphere for his career growth. “Many of my co-workers are like a small family,” he said. “This can be seen outside of the bank and within the community. It’s the reason why Bank of Luxemburg is so well-respected.”

While Zach enjoys his responsibilities within the office, he gets the most satisfaction from the opportunities that impact the community overall. “My favorite part about my job is being able to deep dive into our local businesses’ financials and allow them to fund their opportunities to grow within the surrounding area,” he said.

The growth—seen through his own eyes—is tremendous. Zach got the opportunity to walk through an elementary school with a lender to see their impact in person. “Being able to walk into that new school, which we had financed, and seeing all the happy children, was an awesome experience,” he smiled. “I am behind the scenes most of the time, and for that moment it was nice to see what we do matters a lot. It was a humbling experience and I hope to have many more of those in the future.” 

Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Zach's career growth. What are your career goals? Do you want to be a part of a family-friendly, team culture? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with Zach

Sue Neuzil Header
Sue Neuzil | January 2022

Sue has been with Bank of Luxemburg since 2017, and says she loves working here because “Having a positive impact on people’s lives … is just what we do!” As a senior human resource generalist, Sue is responsible for employee relations, recruitment and onboarding, benefit administration, payroll, training, FMLA/workers’ compensation administration and career development … just to name a few! Sue began as a human resource generalist but was promoted to senior-level after just one year. 

“I was hired as part of the succession plan,” Sue recalls. “As part of my development, I have attended several human resource conferences through Wisconsin Bankers Association, I attend monthly Green Bay SHRM meetings and the annual state conference each year.” Next spring, Sue will also attend the Graduate School of Banking for human resource management with support from the bank.

Support comes in more ways than one at Bank of Luxemburg. “This is the first organization where I have worked where we actually practice the culture we preach,” Sue exclaimed. “Everyone respects each other, we all care for each other, almost like one big family!” Fun activities—including breakroom games, contests and employee events—contribute to the team culture. “Many of our departments work hand-in-hand together and all of these activities help build a team atmosphere,” she shared.

The team atmosphere also extends into the community and is an aspect of Sue’s job that she loves. “Last year, I had the opportunity to present one of our scholarships to a student at a local high school. What a wonderful feeling being able to impact a student’s college career by helping them out financially,” she shared. “I also had the pleasure of working on our Adopt a Family program at Christmas. Being able to help local families in need … it really does fill my heart when I’m able to help out the community.”

Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Sue's career growth. What are your career goals? Do you want to be a part of a family-friendly, team culture? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with Sue