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Employee Spotlight

Sarah has been a part of the Bank of Luxemburg team for six years. As a former bank teller, she knows the ins and outs of our technology and services and is specially equipped to assist and educate customers in her role as a customer care representative.

According to Sarah, the “team atmosphere” is without a doubt one of the best aspects of working for Bank of Luxemburg. “We are all encouraged to work together as part of the team,” Sarah stated, adding that “it’s a work environment that makes me feel like I am truly contributing and making a difference here.”

Along with being an integral member of her team, Sarah greatly enjoys the work she does within her role. Her favorite aspect of the job? Finding innovative solutions to new challenges. “Banking technology is always changing,” Sarah noted, adding that she loves “the challenge of finding solutions to new issues that arise.” She went on to explain that she gets a great deal of satisfaction using her problem-solving skills to assist customers and educate them on how to avoid banking issues in the future. “It’s a very rewarding process,” Sarah explained.

In addition to the collaborative work environment where Sarah can make a positive impact on customers, Sarah also appreciates the many growth opportunities she has been able to access through Bank of Luxemburg. “The bank has provided many opportunities to help us advance our careers,” Sarah stated, “like job shadowing and education reimbursement.” In fact, it was through job shadowing that Sarah found her passion for educating customers, allowing her to focus on stepping into her customer care role.

Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Sarah’s career growth. What are your goals? Do you want to be part of a family-friendly, team culture? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with Sarah

Ashley is a relationship banker at our Sturgeon Bay branch and has been with the bank for four years. She helps open accounts, process loan applications, answer questions about cash management services and serves as the bank credit card manager. Occasionally, she can even be found assisting behind the teller line to process deposits.

“I started as a retail sales representative, then transitioned to my current role in 2019,” she shared about her career path at Bank of Luxemburg. “The bank is invested in growing their employees’ careers and has resources available that lay out stepping stones to advance,” she explained. “I came to the bank with no prior experience, and they took the time to enroll me in Principles of Banking to help me understand how banks work as a whole,” Ashley explained.

Ashley also appreciates the bank’s Education Reimbursement Program that assists employees with tuition. “I have taken advantage of this program and am currently going back to school through NWTC to pursue a degree in business management,” she shared. Ashley also serves on the Career Development Committee to promote more learning opportunities such as job shadowing and a new mentorship program.

While Ashley enjoys the perks, it’s ultimately the people who make Bank of Luxemburg a great place to work. “We all are team players who work well together and have fun. My favorite part about my job is that no two days are the same and there is always more to learn,” she exclaimed.

She shares that personal approach with customers too. “I enjoy getting to know my customers personally which helps me better serve their banking needs. The small bank atmosphere allows us to be flexible and creative with our customers which you can’t find at the big banks. The community focus makes it feel like you are coming to work to help your friends and neighbors. We know you by name and we truly have your best interests in mind.”

That community focus brings a feeling of fulfillment to Ashley’s career. “My most memorable experience was talking to students at the local schools about finances and credit. Many of them were getting ready to go to college or enter the workforce and had questions about checking accounts and credit cards. One of the best compliments I received was when a teacher stopped us to say that the students said they learned so much in our presentation,” Ashley beamed. “To hear the students were engaged and learned something made me feel incredible.”

Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Ashley's career growth. What are your career goals? Do you want to be a part of a family-friendly, team culture? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with Ashley

Zach has been with Bank of Luxemburg for only a year and already finds it to be the best place he’s worked. “This is the third bank I’ve worked for, and Bank of Luxemburg treats their employees better than the other places,” he shared.

As a credit analyst, Zach is responsible for preparing loan presentations, analyzing business financials and reviewing the appraisals and evaluations for accuracy. “The work culture at Bank of Luxemburg allows the freedom to get my responsibilities done but also the flexibility to be creative within my job description,” he stated. Zach’s career at the bank has grown with the comfort of knowing he can help where it’s needed and bring new ideas to the table. “Being at a community bank has allowed me to impact many areas and not be pigeonholed in the same few job activities,” he explained. “This has allowed me to continue learning more about banking in general!”

Zach also credits Bank of Luxemburg’s incredible team atmosphere for his career growth. “Many of my co-workers are like a small family,” he said. “This can be seen outside of the bank and within the community. It’s the reason why Bank of Luxemburg is so well-respected.”

While Zach enjoys his responsibilities within the office, he gets the most satisfaction from the opportunities that impact the community overall. “My favorite part about my job is being able to deep dive into our local businesses’ financials and allow them to fund their opportunities to grow within the surrounding area,” he said.

The growth—seen through his own eyes—is tremendous. Zach got the opportunity to walk through an elementary school with a lender to see their impact in person. “Being able to walk into that new school, which we had financed, and seeing all the happy children, was an awesome experience,” he smiled. “I am behind the scenes most of the time, and for that moment it was nice to see what we do matters a lot. It was a humbling experience and I hope to have many more of those in the future.” 

Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Zach's career growth. What are your career goals? Do you want to be a part of a family-friendly, team culture? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with Zach

Sue Neuzil Header

Sue has been with Bank of Luxemburg since 2017, and says she loves working here because “Having a positive impact on people’s lives … is just what we do!” As a senior human resource generalist, Sue is responsible for employee relations, recruitment and onboarding, benefit administration, payroll, training, FMLA/workers’ compensation administration and career development … just to name a few! Sue began as a human resource generalist but was promoted to senior-level after just one year. 

“I was hired as part of the succession plan,” Sue recalls. “As part of my development, I have attended several human resource conferences through Wisconsin Bankers Association, I attend monthly Green Bay SHRM meetings and the annual state conference each year.” Next spring, Sue will also attend the Graduate School of Banking for human resource management with support from the bank.

Support comes in more ways than one at Bank of Luxemburg. “This is the first organization where I have worked where we actually practice the culture we preach,” Sue exclaimed. “Everyone respects each other, we all care for each other, almost like one big family!” Fun activities—including breakroom games, contests and employee events—contribute to the team culture. “Many of our departments work hand-in-hand together and all of these activities help build a team atmosphere,” she shared.

The team atmosphere also extends into the community and is an aspect of Sue’s job that she loves. “Last year, I had the opportunity to present one of our scholarships to a student at a local high school. What a wonderful feeling being able to impact a student’s college career by helping them out financially,” she shared. “I also had the pleasure of working on our Adopt a Family program at Christmas. Being able to help local families in need … it really does fill my heart when I’m able to help out the community.”

Bank of Luxemburg has had a positive impact on Sue's career growth. What are your career goals? Do you want to be a part of a family-friendly, team culture? Bank of Luxemburg is hiring!

Work with Sue